Q: Do you offer a bulk discount?

A: Yes we do, it applies to the total amount spent. Just enter the appropriate discount code at check out

 Q: When can I place my fresh garlic order?

A:  We start taking orders in early August. We often sell out quickly so make sure you place orders early if you want a specific variety.

Q: How long does garlic stay fresh? 

A: When our garlic is stored correctly (out of the sun, dry, air flow) most of our garlic varieties will stay fresh up to 6 months (some have even lasted 13 months).

Q: What are garlic scapes? 

A: Garlic scapes, also referred to as 'spring garlic', 'garlic greens' and 'garlic tops', are a curly stem like shoot that makes its way out in early summer. From this garlic scape, an umbel (the part that contains the garlic seeds, or 'bulbils') is formed. 

Q: Can I plant my garlic?

A: Yes you can.  Rest assured, our garlic is of the highest quality and can be used for both cooking and planting.