Savour the Field


Savour the Field dinner will be a unique 5-course meal that has been crafted with ingredients from eastern Ontario, hosted at the iconic Paperboat Farms, and paired with drinks to complete the perfect evening. 

At 6:30, guests will be welcomed with a selection of appetizers that will tantalize taste buds and stimulate conversation. After starters, move on to an entree crafted just for you by local farmers using top-notch locally sourced ingredients. Our menu's creative spirit matches our sustainability values as we use fresh seasonal ingredients that offer an enjoyable gastronomic experience. 

When it comes time to tie the entire meal together, quality drinks provided in each course will bring out subtle flavors and welcome conversation among friends or loved ones grabbing dinner for date night. 

Experience fine dining without ever having to leave your hometown! Get your tickets now for our upcoming Savour the Field dinner, where foodies and those who love local will surely be pleased!

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